Reflexology Level 1&2  
12hr CEU ​
Course Description
Reflexology is a compression massage applied to the feet, hands, ears and face in order to engage & activate reflexes that correspond to all parts of the body. It is based on the Chinese method of Zone Therapy. Stimulation of these reflex zones can help restore the body’s normal physiological functioning, reduce tension, alleviate the effects of stress, and assist in bringing greater balance to the body & mind.


  • Student will be able to identify the focus of the reflexology session.
  • Student will be able to indentify the key role of the nerve system in the reflexology session.
  • Student will be able to dercribe the efects reflexology has on the human body.
  • Student will be able to list contraindications for reflexology.
  • Student will be able to list the human organs and functions. 
  • Student will be able to list the different symptoms of major organ failures
  • Student will be able to define the Yin and Yang Theory.
  • Student will be able list the Organ Polarities.
  • Student will be able list different pathologies of the feet.

Objective Outcome
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in Reflexology threapy for feet, hands and face.
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